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Multi Whatsapp Application on your i-Device


Attention: This application cracked for educational purposes only. is not responsible of any illegal uses of this application or any other materials available within this site.


- Before you start, this method can only be used on Jailbroken devices. If your devices is not jailbreaked yet, you can simply visit (from your i-device) and unlock your device.

- Once your device become unlocked and Cydia is installed on your machine, it is recomended that you install a software called "installous". This software is needed to install the cracked application.

- If you have all the above ready, make sure your both iPad and PC connected to the same WiFi network, as you simply need to download the cracked application on your PC and upload it to your device by following the instructions bellow:


[1] Download the cracked Whatsapp application from the links bellow and save it to your PC. Within this file you will find two files (*.ipa & *.png). All you need is extract these two files and upload them to your device inside Installous downloads folder so you can install them.

[2] On your i-device, open "Installous"  -- "Settings".

[3] Inside "Settings" menu, set "LocalSharing" ON, then You should have a link like this: (

[4] Access the link from your PC. You should see all installous installation files (If not, make sure both your iPad and PC are connected to the same Wifi Network).

[5] Within the page on your PC you will find "Upload File". Click "Browse" and select the cracked Whatsapp installation file, then click "Submit".

[6] Your file should be uploaded within few seconds. (If not, turn off "Install automatically" and try again). If you are unable to upload the files, you could use any other program from cydia to upload the files inside your i-device (iFile is recommended). All you need is to upload the files inside installous download folder (var/mobile/Documents/Installous/Downloads).

[7] Once you have your files uploaded, click "Done" on Settings menu and go to "Downloads" tab. You should find your new application ready for installation, just click on it.

[8] Enjoy Whatsapp applications  ;) 


Download Rainbow Whatsapp
Download Red Whatsapp 


If you have any suggestions or enquiries, please feel free to leave your feedbacks or contact us.


Users' Comments

Yoly - 2014-02-06 18:48:18
Un timo, se puede instalar, yo lo hice desde AppAdict el problema es que tras poner el numero de telefono salta un mensaje de error \"error al conectarse al servicio whastapp intentelo mas tarde\" y asi lo llevo intentando 3 dias, no lo bajeis no funciona.

joseph - 2013-02-08 19:40:09
Installous is dead.. how is it possible to install multiple whatsapp without installoous ? thank you :D

Sean - 2012-12-24 12:34:14
Hi, I installed the Rainbow Whatsapp, but when I try to send the verification code to a number it says \\\"could not connect to WhatsApp service, please try again later.\\\" What should I do? :(

kalpam - 2012-11-28 12:56:15
Done Successfully ... Awesome Crack , Thank You So Much ! PS: The Rainbow Whatsapp Workes but the Red Whatsapp Showed Error \\\"Invaslid IPA\\\" But Not n issue because i already have the Original Whatsapp , Ipod 2nd Generation .

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